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ComfyGO MS-3000 Foldable Mobility Scooter

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by ComfyGO
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Introducing the ComfyGO MS-3000 Foldable Mobility Scooter: Your Urban Adventure Awaits!

Experience the epitome of urban commuting with the ComfyGO MS-3000 Foldable Mobility Scooter. Tailored for adult urban adventurers, this innovative 4-wheel scooter redefines city mobility. Weighing only 62 lbs, including the battery, the MS-3000 combines lightweight design with eco-friendly performance, making it the perfect choice for navigating bustling city streets while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Unparalleled Performance and Efficiency

Equipped with dual robust 250W hub DC motors, the MS-3000 delivers an impressive total power of 500W, ensuring superior performance and efficiency. Conquer 12-degree inclines with ease, confidently maneuvering through your city. The powerful motors provide smooth acceleration and responsive handling, even on challenging terrain, offering a dynamic and controlled riding experience.

Effortless Folding Convenience

Simplify your life with the MS-3000's effortless folding mechanism. Whether it's your car's trunk or a compact space at home or the office, this scooter's user-friendly design guarantees easy storage. Urban navigation, daily commutes, and spontaneous weekend getaways are seamlessly facilitated by the MS-3000's foldable nature. Its sleek design and practical features make it the ultimate solution for modern city living.

Speed, Range, and Flexibility

Experience swift and efficient rides with the MS-3000's impressive capabilities. Achieve speeds of up to 12 mph and select between a 15.6AH battery for a range of up to 25 miles or a 10AH battery for a range of 16 miles. This adaptability caters to various needs, whether you're navigating a busy day in the city or enjoying a leisurely ride through scenic routes. With three speed levels, the MS-3000 ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels.


  • Unfolded Dimensions: 40″ x 21″ x 35″
  • Folded Dimensions: 21.5″ x 14.5″ x 27″
  • Net Weight: 63 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 75 lbs
  • Range: Up to 25 Miles (15.6AH Battery), Up to 16 Miles (10AH Battery)
  • Max Speed: 12 mph
  • Max Loading Weight: 265 lbs
  • Ground Clearance: 3.75″
  • Motor Power: 250W x 2
  • Front-wheel size: 10″
  • Rear-wheel size: 8″
  • Lithium Battery: 36V 10 Ah / 36V 15.6 Ah
  • Charging Time: 5 – 8 hours
  • Speed Levels: 3.75 / 7.5 / 12 mph
  • Turning radius: 5 feet
  • Maximum Climbing Grade: 12 degrees
  • Dimensions: 30 × 16 × 26 in
  • Color Options: Red, Silver, Black, Blue, White

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Are folding mobility scooters safe?

Yes, folding mobility scooters are designed and developed to meet high safety standards, ensuring secure and reliable usage.

How fast can the MS-3000 go?

The MS-3000 can reach a maximum speed of 12 mph, offering a swift urban travel experience.

How long does the MS-3000 take to charge?

Charging times vary but typically range from 5 to 8 hours, depending on factors like battery size and charge level.

Does the scooter come with a warranty?

Yes, the MS-3000 scooter includes a standard 3-year frame warranty, 1-year motor warranty, 1-year battery warranty, and 1-year electronic parts warranty.

Can I use the scooter on dirt and grass?

Yes, the MS-3000 can easily navigate low grass and compacted dirt, expanding your exploration horizons.

Top Features

Dual Motor Powerhouse

Dual Motor Powerhouse

With two robust 250W hub DC motors, the MS-3000 brings a total of 500W power to the table, ensuring unmatched performance. Tackle steep 12-degree inclines effortlessly, and enjoy smooth acceleration for a dynamic city adventure.

Featherlight and Eco-friendly

Featherlight and Eco-friendly

Weighing just 62 lbs including the battery, the MS-3000 blends lightweight design with eco-consciousness. Zip through city streets while reducing your carbon footprint, embodying urban mobility with a green twist.

Seamless Folding Mastery

Seamless Folding Mastery

Embrace convenience with the MS-3000's effortless folding mechanism. Whether it's your home, office, or car trunk, its user-friendly design guarantees hassle-free storage. Modern city living is elevated with this sleek and practical solution.

Swift Speed and Custom Range

Swift Speed and Custom Range

Zoom at up to 12 mph while tailoring your ride to your needs. Choose between a 15.6AH battery for up to 25 miles or a 10AH battery for 16 miles of adventure. With three speed levels, riders of all levels can safely enjoy the journey.

Compact and Rolling Freedom

Compact and Rolling Freedom

When folded, the MS-3000 transforms into a compact wonder that rolls alongside you like a travel suitcase. Navigating urban landscapes, daily commutes, or spontaneous getaways is now as easy as strolling.

Versatile Urban Companion

Versatile Urban Companion

The MS-3000 is the ultimate partner for city escapades. Its sleek design, impressive power, and eco-friendliness ensure you're ready for any adventure. Glide through cityscapes with confidence, supported by a mobility scooter designed for modern explorers.

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