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ComfyGO Quingo Toura 2 Electric Mobility Scooter

SKU Quingo Toura 2
by ComfyGO
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Introducing the ComfyGO Quingo Toura 2 Electric Mobility Scooter, a groundbreaking solution that redefines independence and convenience in your daily life. With its innovative self-loading docking station, this scooter eliminates the need for extra equipment or assistance, making loading and unloading a breeze in a matter of minutes.

Powered by patented 5-wheel stability technology, the Quingo Toura 2 offers unparalleled safety and balance. Its agile maneuverability lets you effortlessly navigate tight spaces and bustling environments with ease. The scooter's ergonomic design, adjustable seat, and smooth suspension system ensure superior comfort for users of all sizes.

Experience uninterrupted freedom with the Quingo Toura 2's robust battery life. When not in use, its compact design allows for hassle-free storage. Step into a new world of confidence, independence, and empowerment with the Quingo Toura 2 – the ultimate self-loading mobility scooter that transforms your travel experience.

Quintell™ Posture Control System

Discover the remarkable agility of Quingo's patented 5-wheel system, a revolutionary innovation offering unmatched maneuverability compared to conventional 4-wheel scooters. Seamlessly navigate tight spaces, crowded environments, and uneven terrains, and embrace newfound freedom and independence in your daily adventures. With outstanding stability and control, Quingo scooters prioritize user safety while delivering exceptional performance.

Quingo 5-Wheel Advantage

Explore the extraordinary agility and maneuverability of Quingo's patented 5-wheel system, a unique innovation that outperforms traditional 4-wheel scooters. This advanced design effortlessly handles tight spaces, crowded environments, and challenging terrains. Coupled with features like Curb Master technology and ergonomic seating, Quingo scooters prioritize both comfort and safety. Embark on any path with confidence, knowing your Quingo scooter provides unmatched stability and control.

Unmatched Safety and Ease

Experience superior performance when tackling 45-degree angled curbs with Quingo scooters' exceptional design. The wheels lift and drive over curbs smoothly and safely, even in narrow pavement situations. Quingo's agile maneuverability allows tight turns, enabling seamless navigation across any environment. The patented Curb Master technology prevents the scooter from getting stuck when navigating obstacles or descending curbs. Rely on Quingo for unparalleled safety, convenience, and confidence in your mobility journeys.

Battery and Charger

The Quingo Toura 2 is equipped with four standard 22AH batteries, upgradable with an additional two 22AH batteries. Charging time ranges from 6 to 10 hours. Charging is convenient, using a regular home outlet. The batteries can function simultaneously and be charged while installed in the scooter. Charging specifications for each battery are AC 100 – 240 Volts, 50 Hertz, at 1.5 – 5 Amperes. A standard 24V 5A charger is included.


  • Maximum Speed: 8 mph
  • Intended Use: Pavement/Road
  • Kerb Climbing Height Ability: 4 Inches
  • Maximum Range: 55 miles**
  • Type: 5 Wheel PMV*
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 220 kg/485 lbs
  • Electric Motor: 650 Watt
  • Battery Size: 2 x 100Ah
  • Height: 56.30 inch.
  • Width: 26.38 inch.
  • Length: 54.72 inch.

FAQs: Your Questions Answered:

Does my scooter arrive fully assembled?

Your scooter will arrive almost fully assembled. When your scooter arrives, you'll need to attach the remaining parts.

Can my scooter go on an airplane or cruise?

Current Quingo Toura batteries are not airline-friendly. It can be accepted by cruises.

I’ve run out of battery. Can I push my scooter?

Yes, the Quingo Toura scooter can be pushed without battery. Ensure the power is off and disengage the motor by pulling the levers on the motor to the unlocked position. This sets your scooter to free-wheel mode.

Does the armrest raise?

Yes, both armrests can be raised for easier exchange or to facilitate pushing the scooter closer to a table.

How do I charge the battery?

Designed for user convenience, the batteries can function simultaneously and be charged while installed in the scooter.

Top Features

Revolutionary Self-Loading Docking Station

Revolutionary Self-Loading Docking Station

Effortlessly load and unload the scooter with its innovative self-loading docking station. No extra equipment or help needed, ensuring quick and hassle-free mobility.

5-Wheel Stability Technology

5-Wheel Stability Technology

Patented 5-wheel system offers exceptional stability and balance, making it safer than traditional 4-wheel scooters. Navigate tight spaces and bustling areas with ease, prioritizing your safety.

Customizable Comfort and Ergonomics

Customizable Comfort and Ergonomics

Enjoy superior comfort with the adjustable seat and smooth suspension system. Designed for users of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable ride on various terrains.

Extended Battery Life and Convenient Charging

Extended Battery Life and Convenient Charging

Experience uninterrupted freedom with robust battery life. Easily charge using a regular home outlet. Batteries can function together and be charged while on the scooter.

Curb Master Technology for Unmatched Safety

Curb Master Technology for Unmatched Safety

Seamlessly tackle curbs and obstacles with patented Curb Master technology. Navigate confidently in any environment, ensuring safety and convenience in your mobility journeys.

Compact Design for Easy Storage

Compact Design for Easy Storage

When not in use, the scooter's compact design allows for hassle-free storage. Enjoy the convenience of a scooter that fits well in your living space.

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