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Journey Zinger Folding Power Chair Two-Handed Control

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The Zinger Chair - Your Ultimate Personal Electronic Vehicle

Unique Design - Lightweight and Portable

Discover the Zinger Chair, a one-of-a-kind personal electronic vehicle designed for everyday use. Weighing just 47 lbs (including the battery) and with a weight capacity of 300 lbs, it offers the perfect balance of functionality and convenience.

Innovative Steering and Control

Experience the thrill of dual-lever steering, similar to a zero-turn lawn mower, offering ultra-responsive and nimble maneuverability. With three speed settings (0-1 mph, 0-3 mph, and 0-6 mph) and a reverse speed of 0-1 mph, you can effortlessly adapt to various environments.

Versatility for Everyday Life

With a 24" turning radius, the Zinger Chair offers agile navigation and fits through all standard door frames of 32". It can drive up ADA-compliant ramps with a 5° incline, and even up to 10° if needed. The armrests fit below ADA-compliant tables and desks and can be removed or adjusted for your comfort.

Lightweight and Portable Design

Embrace the freedom of easy folding with a single pull release cable, making it perfect for travel and storage. When folded, it can fit into the backseat or trunk of a car and be wheeled like a piece of luggage.

Travel-Friendly and Safe

Travel with ease as the Zinger Chair is FAA approved, and you can take it to the gate while carrying the battery separately. Equipped with rear anti-tip wheels and a swing-away footplate, safety is a top priority.

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Power up with the Panasonic brand lithium-ion battery (36V 6.6Ah), providing up to eight miles of travel on a single charge. Charging takes just four hours or less, and you can charge the battery without removing it from the chair.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 35.43"
  • Height with Armrests: 25"
  • Length: 29.13"
  • Width: 25"
  • Folded Size: 10" x 35.43" x 25"
  • Seat Size: 18.90" (H) x 13" (D) x 16.92" (W)
  • Weight With Battery: 47.40 lbs (without basket)
  • Weight Without Battery: 43.45 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 49 lbs (with basket)
  • Weight of Battery: 5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs maximum capacity
  • Max Climbing Angle: 10° (ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps are 5° max)
  • Rotation (Turning) Radius: 24" (610 mm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the Zinger?

The Zinger can be used just about anywhere, indoors or out. It can handle a number of different terrains, such as grass, carpet, dirt, and more.

Will it fit through my doorways?

In most cases, yes. Check to be certain your doorway openings are at least 27" wide. Any smaller than that will require you to get off and fold the Zinger in order to pass through. Businesses (mall, restaurants, etc.) are required to be ADA compliant, with doorways a minimum of 32" wide—no problem for the Zinger.

What is the Zinger's weight limit?

The Zinger Chair is capable of carrying a person weighing up to 275 lbs.

Does it come in a larger size?

The Zinger is available in only one size. See the Product Specifications section for specific dimensions. The maximum user weight limit is 275 lbs.

I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to operate the handles.

Very little force is needed to operate the Zinger Chair on level ground. In fact, just the weight of your arms is usually enough on smooth surfaces. Driving in grass or on rough surfaces may require slightly more force.

I only have one good hand. Is the Zinger for me?

Operation of the Zinger Chair requires the use of both arms and hands; however, we offer an alternative product for those whose dexterity is limited to one arm or hand. It's called the Zoomer Chair, and while it includes most of the same great features and benefits of the Zinger Chair, it is a one-handed, joystick-controlled chair. The joystick can even be installed on either side of the chair.

Is a Zinger right for me if I am handicapped or disabled?

While people use the Zinger for many different reasons, the Zinger Chair is a personal electric vehicle. The Zinger Chair is not intended for individuals fully restricted to a sitting position. You must be able to get in and out of the chair.

What’s included with the Zinger Chair?

The Zinger Chair will arrive fully assembled out of the box. It will include the chair, a battery, a charger, and two keys (for securing the battery in place). In addition, it will include the hex key needed should you decide to remove the armrests.

Will Medicare help pay for my Zinger?

At this time the Zinger Chair is not covered by Medicare.

What accessories are available?

Accessories such as a seatback bag, cup/bottle holder, cane holder, spare batteries, and spare tires are available.

Will the Zinger Chair fit under a desk or table?

Whether you are at a restaurant having dinner or just pulling up to your desk to get some work done, one of those great unique features of the Zinger Chair is that it easily fits under most desks and tables. Since the armrests are just 25" off the ground, you just pull right up as you would in a regular chair to any standard table or desk, which is generally 28" to 30" high. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates that to be compliant, public seating must be a minimum of 27" from the floor to the bottom of the table surface.

Can I take it on the plane?

Yes, and here are a few things you need to know before taking your Zinger on a plane. Your Zinger should qualify as free baggage with most airlines, but you can call prior to your trip to make sure. You can ride your Zinger all the way up to the gate and down the jetway. As you get to the end of the jetway, you will need to remove the Zinger battery from the back of the chair, fold your Zinger and hand it to a flight attendant to stow under the plane. Take the battery onto the plane with you to your seat. Be sure to contact your specific airline to ask for their procedures for transporting a battery-powered vehicle, and see your Zinger Chair USA User Manual for more info. Here is a link to the FAA regulations regarding battery-powered chairs. More info

Does the Zinger have reverse mode?

The Zinger Chair does have a powered reverse, but it's almost always easiest to back out simply by pushing your feet against the ground, or your hands against a table or wall as you would in a rolling office chair.

How do I know which speed to use?

Once powered on, the Zinger Chair defaults to the low speed, which is commonly used for indoor use on smooth surfaces. Here's a guideline for suggested speed usage.


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Top Features

Advanced Durability

Advanced Durability

Engineered for robust performance, the Zinger Chair outperforms standard Luggie scooters, offering enhanced sturdiness to withstand various terrains and usage scenarios.

Reinvented Structure

Reinvented Structure

The Zinger Chair introduces a revamped frame design that ensures heightened longevity, providing users with a reliable personal electronic vehicle built to last.

Optimized Comfort

Optimized Comfort

Experience superior comfort with extended handlebars on the Zinger Chair, promoting better ergonomics and minimizing strain during operation for an enjoyable riding experience.

Effortless Foldability

Effortless Foldability

Effortlessly fold and unfold the Zinger Chair using a simple pull release cable, making it exceptionally convenient for storage and travel, perfect for individuals on the go.

Travel Made Easy

Travel Made Easy

Embrace convenience with the Zinger Chair's unique feature – when folded, it transforms into a rolling suitcase, letting you transport it effortlessly, whether on the go or in storage.

Airline-Cruiseline Approved

Airline-Cruiseline Approved

Seamlessly integrate the Zinger Chair into your travel plans, as it meets the criteria for approval on airlines and cruise lines, ensuring hassle-free mobility wherever your journey takes you.

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