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Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair

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The Shoprider Smartie Envirofriendly UL8W Power Chair is a next-generation mobility solution designed for those on the go. With high performance, durability, and a lightweight frame, it offers a unique combination of features that sets it apart from others in the market.

Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair

One-Touch Disassembly

  • Effortlessly disassembles into 3 lightweight pieces in seconds.
  • Wireless technology for easy transportation and storage.

Environmentally Friendly Battery

  • The Smartie Envirofriendly features unique phosphate-based Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • High performance and lightweight, with an extended life.
  • Quick charging in under 2 hours.
  • Each battery weighs just 7 lbs.
  • Provides a driving range of 10 miles at a maximum speed of 3.75 mph.
Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair


  • Virtually no maintenance required during the life of the batteries.
  • Durable and reliable Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Long-lasting durability without compromising performance.


    • Weighs only 93 lbs.
    • Heaviest piece when disassembled is just 29 lbs.
    • Lightweight yet sturdy with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.
    Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair

    Adjustable Seat

    • Height-adjustable padded seat for customized comfort.
    • Width, height, and angle adjustable armrests.
    • Height, length, and angle adjustable footrest, removable if needed.
    • Secure safety belt for added safety.
    Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair

    Stable Riding Outdoors

    • Rear-wheel drive for stability.
    • 8-inch rear tires and 6-inch front casters for traction.
    • 2-inch ground clearance for riding on various surfaces.
    • Maximum incline rating of 6 degrees for safe hill climbing.
    • Anti-tip wheels at the back for balance and safety.


    • Rear Wheel Drive
    • Connectorless technology for easy assembly
    • Extra Light, 93 lbs
    • Easily disassembles into three major parts
    • Revolutionary Envirofriendly Battery (Non-Lead Acid)
    • Adjustable seat height, padded full-function armrests
    • Removable fold-up footrest with full function
    Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair


    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
    • Maximum Speed: Up to 3.75 mph
    • Range (Per Charge): 10 miles
    • Max Climbing Angle: 6 degrees
    • Ground Clearance: 2 inches
    • Turning Radius: 15.5 inches
    • Overall Length: 36 inches
    • Overall Width: 23 inches
    • Overall Height: 37 inches
    • Seat Width: 16 inches
    • Seat Depth: 13.5 inches
    • Seat-to-Floor Height: 17" - 19"
    • Casters: 6 inches
    • Drive Tires: 8 inches
    • Total Weight: 93 lbs.
    • Weight of Heaviest Part: 29 lbs.
    • Battery Requirements: Lithium Battery pack (12V12AH Equivalent)
    • Battery Weight (each): 7.1 lbs.
    • Output Power of Motor: .45 x 2
    • Battery Charger: Off-board (2A)
    Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair

    FAQs: Your Questions Answered

    1. How does the one-touch disassembly feature work? The one-touch disassembly feature on the Shoprider Smartie Power Wheelchair allows you to effortlessly separate the wheelchair into three lightweight pieces with a simple touch, making transportation and storage a breeze.

    2. What is the unique Envirofriendly battery in the Smartie Power Wheelchair? The Smartie Power Wheelchair features phosphate-based Lithium-Ion batteries, designed with an environmentally conscious approach. These batteries offer high performance, extended lifespan, and quick charging, contributing to a greener mobility solution.

    3. What is the driving range and maximum speed of the Smartie Power Wheelchair? With a driving range of 10 miles per charge and a maximum speed of 3.75 mph, the Smartie Power Wheelchair ensures you can comfortably travel distances and navigate at a safe pace.

    4. Is the Smartie Power Wheelchair suitable for outdoor use? Absolutely, the wheelchair is equipped with rear-wheel drive, sturdy tires, and a 2-inch ground clearance, making it stable and capable of handling outdoor terrains with ease.

    5. How much does the Smartie Power Wheelchair weigh? The Smartie Power Wheelchair weighs only 93 lbs., allowing for effortless handling and transport. Even the heaviest piece when disassembled is just 29 lbs.

    6. Can I adjust the seating for personalized comfort? Yes, the Smartie Power Wheelchair offers adjustable seat height, armrests, and footrest to provide a customized seating experience. The removable, fold-up footrest adds to the adaptability.

    7. What is the weight capacity of the Smartie Power Wheelchair? The wheelchair can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs., ensuring stability and comfort for a wide range of users.

    8. Does the Smartie Power Wheelchair require frequent maintenance? No, the Smartie Power Wheelchair's Lithium-Ion batteries are designed for low maintenance throughout their lifespan, providing both durability and reliability.

    9. How does the rear-wheel drive contribute to stability? The rear-wheel drive design enhances stability during maneuvers, while the presence of anti-tip wheels at the back further ensures balanced and safe rides.

    10. Can I easily assemble the Smartie Power Wheelchair? Certainly, the wheelchair features connectorless technology for simplified assembly, making it a user-friendly choice.

    Elevate your mobility experience with the Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair. Explore the world with confidence, knowing you have a lightweight, eco-friendly, and reliable companion by your side. Rediscover the joy of movement today!

    Shoprider Smartie Disassembling Travel Power Wheelchair

    Top Features

    Effortless Disassembly

    Effortless Disassembly

    Disassemble into 3 lightweight parts in seconds using wireless technology for easy storage and transport.

    Envirofriendly Power

    Envirofriendly Power

    Powered by unique phosphate-based Lithium-Ion batteries, offering high performance, lightweight design, and quick charging in under 2 hours.

    Customizable Comfort

    Customizable Comfort

    Adjustable seat height, armrests, and footrest, with a secure safety belt for a personalized and comfortable ride.

    Stable Outdoor Ride

    Stable Outdoor Ride

    Rear-wheel drive, 8-inch rear tires, and 6-inch front casters for stability, with anti-tip wheels and 6-degree incline rating for safe outdoor use.

    Ultra-Lightweight Design

    Ultra-Lightweight Design

    Weighing only 93 lbs, easily disassembles into 3 parts, with the heaviest piece at just 29 lbs, ensuring convenient portability.

    Low-Maintenance and Durable

    Low-Maintenance and Durable

    Virtually maintenance-free, durable Lithium-Ion batteries, and a sturdy frame with a 250 lbs weight capacity for long-lasting performance.

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