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Vive Health Foldable Rollator Series T

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Introducing the Vive Health Foldable Rollator Series T, the ultimate mobility solution tailored for taller individuals up to 6’ 5”. Step confidently both indoors and outdoors with this robust, foldable rollator. Engineered with oversized wheels and a dual braking system, the Series T ensures stability on any terrain, empowering you to move freely and comfortably.

Experience the Ease of Use and Stability

Designed with your comfort and stability in mind, the Series T rollator offers ergonomic grip handles that can be adjusted from 35” to 40” in height. This provides optimal support while maintaining a good posture, allowing smooth navigation across various surfaces.

Effortless Folding and Storage

Efficiency meets convenience with the Series T's foldable design. Easily stow it away in the car trunk or at home thanks to its compact size when folded. The rollator's front wheels are removable, and the back wheels fold against the frame, simplifying storage further.

Durability and Comfort at Its Core

Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the Series T rollator strikes a perfect balance between strength and portability, accommodating up to 300 pounds. Its wide fabric seat and backrest offer a comfortable resting spot during your travels.

Included Removable Storage Bag

Keep your essentials close by with the convenient, detachable storage bag that comes with the rollator. Store glasses, medications, wallets, and more securely while on the move.

Vive Guarantee and Specifications

Rest assured with Vive's 60-day guarantee. The package includes the rollator frame, two removable front wheels, two fixed back wheels, and the removable storage bag. The rollator measures 25" x 28" overall, with folded dimensions of 10” x 20” x 32”.


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Rollator Weight: 19 lbs
  • Seat Dimensions: 17.5” x 9.5”
  • Wheels Diameter: 8”
  • Adjustable Armrest Height: 35” to 40”

FAQs – Answering Your Queries

Is the Series T rollator walker pre-assembled?

Absolutely! The Series T rollator arrives pre-assembled, requiring only the front wheels to be snapped into place before use.

Can this rollator accommodate a height of 6’ 3”?

Certainly! The Vive Series T folding rollator is designed to cater comfortably to individuals up to 6’ 5” tall.

Do I need to remove the wheels to fold the rollator?

While the front wheels can be removed for compact storage, it's not necessary to remove them before folding the rollator.

Are the rollator brake cables hidden?

Yes! The brake cables are discreetly routed through the rollator frame for a clean appearance and no interference while in use.

Is the tall rollator suitable for someone with knee pain?

Absolutely, the tall rollator provides support and helps alleviate pressure on the knees for those with limited mobility.

Can the rollator be easily folded for car transport?

Yes, simply pull upward on the center strap to fold the rollator. The front wheels can also be removed with the push pins for more compact storage.

Is the Series T rollator walker height adjustable?

Indeed! The rollator’s handle height adjusts in one-inch increments from 35” to 40” for taller users.

Unlock Mobility and Comfort The Vive Health Foldable Rollator Series T is your key to seamless mobility and comfort. Embrace independence and ease with every step. Unlock newfound freedom today!

Top Features

Tailored for Taller Individuals

Tailored for Taller Individuals

Ergonomic handles adjustable from 35” to 40”, perfect for users up to 6’ 5”, ensuring stability and comfort for taller frames.

Effortless Folding and Storage

Effortless Folding and Storage

Streamlined foldable design simplifies storage in compact spaces like car trunks or homes, aided by removable front wheels and foldable back wheels.

Sturdy yet Lightweight Construction

Sturdy yet Lightweight Construction

Crafted from durable lightweight aluminum, supporting up to 300 pounds while maintaining portability, complemented by a wide seat and backrest for comfort.

Detachable Storage Bag for Convenience

Detachable Storage Bag for Convenience

Includes a detachable storage bag for secure on-the-go storage of essential items, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Vive's Assured Quality and Specifications

Vive's Assured Quality and Specifications

Backed by Vive's 60-day guarantee, includes rollator frame, wheels, and detachable storage bag, measuring 25” x 28” overall with folded dimensions of 10” x 20” x 32”.

Customizable Features for Optimal Use

Customizable Features for Optimal Use

Adjustable armrest height, discreetly routed brake cables, and easy folding mechanism, making it suitable for taller individuals with knee pain and ensuring hassle-free transport in cars.

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