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Vive Walker Ski Glides

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Looking to improve stability and reduce noise while maneuvering your walker over various surfaces? Introducing the Vive Walker Ski Glides, designed to enhance mobility and protect flooring with their durable, scratch-resistant construction.

Vive Walker Ski Glides

Effortless and Noiseless Mobility

Compatible with most walker models, these glides offer easy and smooth navigation over rough or uneven surfaces. Crafted from robust composite material, they reduce noise and provide added stability without the hassle of using tennis balls.

Versatile and Durable Construction

The curved ski glides fit into most walker legs, enabling smooth gliding on surfaces like carpet, tile, pavement, or concrete. Their scratch-resistant design ensures durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

Vive Walker Ski Glides

Enhanced Glide Performance

Featuring curved tips, these glides efficiently move over door jams and transitions between flooring types. The set includes felt glide covers for indoor use, safeguarding surfaces against snags and scratches.

Superior Alternative to Tennis Balls

Outperforming traditional tennis balls, these heavy-duty glides offer smoother movement, reducing the need to lift the walker over obstacles and minimizing hand strain.

Vive Walker Ski Glides

Universal Fit and Simple Installation

The Vive Walker Ski Glides are designed for easy universal attachment to most walkers. They slide effortlessly into place and securely fit onto the walker's legs, providing an enhanced walking experience without complicated setup.

Vive Walker Ski Glides


  • What’s Included: One pair (2) Ski Glides, One pair (2) Glide Covers, 60-day guarantee
  • Uses: Safely maneuver over any indoor or outdoor surface, protecting flooring from nicks and scratches
  • Fits: Most walkers with 1” legs
  • Materials: Durable composite plastic, Velour covers

Vive Walker Ski Glides


  1. Flip the walker over and remove the front or rear two rubber feet.
  2. Insert the gliders into the walker's legs, ensuring the arrows point towards the forward movement direction.
  3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the diameter of the insert.
  4. Tighten the screw until the gliders are secured to the legs.
  5. Slide a cover over each glide for added protection.

Vive Walker Ski Glides


Will the walker ski glides fit all walkers?

Yes, they will fit any walker with legs that are 1 inch in diameter.

How do I install the walker ski glides?

Simply remove the existing rubber feet and insert the glides into each leg.

Can I install the glide covers easily?

Yes, just slide the covers over the walker and glides for added protection indoors.

Will the glides scratch my hardwood floors?

The glide covers are designed to protect indoor surfaces like hardwood floors from scratches.

Can I install the glides on both the front and rear legs of my walker?

Yes, depending on the walker's configuration, you can install the glides on either the front or rear legs.

Are the glide covers anti-slip?

While not anti-slip, the covers allow easy sliding along surfaces without scratching or snagging.

What are the walker ski glides and covers made of?

The glides are constructed from durable composite plastic, while the covers are made of velour.

Will the glides work on cracked pavement or uneven surfaces?

Yes, they will provide stability and safety indoors and outdoors, even on uneven surfaces.

Will the glides reduce the noise of the walker?

Yes, they reduce noise while providing stability during use.

Are the glides durable for long-term use?

Absolutely, the composite plastic ensures durability, making them suitable for extended use.

Vive Walker Ski Glides

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